» All About One Piece
Wondering what exactly is this series all about? This section gives a basic introduction to the series and its plot.

» Who's Sanji?
A brief introduction to the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates! Includes not only your typical vital stats, but also a brief overlook of his character.

» A Tragic Past for Sanji
Like all of the major characters in One Piece, Sanji has had his fair share of tragic events that took place before he met up with Luffy. Read the story here.

» A Deeper Look
Batten down the hatches for some serious Sanji psychology here, folks! This section takes a deeper look into Sanji's psyche.

» Role as a Pirate
Sanji's not just any pirate... he's a cook pirate! And an important one too, as he's one of the most important members of the Straw Hat Pirates. (Otherwise they'd all get scurvy without him, I'm sure.)

» Birds of a Feather..?
Something tells me that Sanji would rather be basting birds instead of being one, but he really is close to his crew mates. Get the scoop in his relationship with everyone else on the Going Merry and then some!

» Love Life
Oh, poor Sanji... will his undying affection for fellow crew mate Nami ever be returned? No matter how smooth talking or fine looking he is, he still ends up setting his sights on the hardest to catch girl...

» The Art of Cook-Fu
So maybe "cook-fu" doesn't really exist in One Piece (or in real life for that matter) but if it did, it'd be all about the Sanji! Take a peek inside this section to learn all about Sanji's unique fighting style. Includes a detailed list of all of his attacks.

» Seiyuu
It's the seiyuu that really bring out a character in anime... Learn all about Sanji's Japanese and English voice actors here!

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