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This section not only contains some nifty little buttons you can use to link back to Codename: Prince with, but also links to some other pretty spiffy Sanji and One Piece-related web sites. Be sure to check them out before you leave!

» Site History
Wow, so you want to know more about the origins of Codename: Prince, huh? Well, then this is the right section to check out as it contains info regarding why I created the site, why I chose the name it has, past layouts, etc. There's also a general disclaimer here too.

» Site Updates
<brushes the cobwebs aside> They're around here somewhere... ^^; All updates for this site are archived on my LiveJournal updates log. This link leads directly to the place where you can browse through all of the previous updates for Codename: Prince.

» Site Credits
To be perfectly honest, this web site couldn't have been made to be as complete as it is without the help of a few people and resources. All of the web sites and individuals who I've asked the help of are listed and credited appropriately here!

» Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ contains a list of questions (and their answers) that are related to this site in some form or another. Please be sure to read this list before e-mailing me with any questions that you may have.

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Following this link will take you to a form that you can use to contact me for whatever reason. I'll try my best to reply as soon as possible but please be reminded that I have a very busy schedule and also that if your question has been covered in the FAQ, I will not reply at all. Thanks~!

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If you enjoyed your stay here at Codename: Prince, why not let me know by signing my guestbook? I would appreciate the feedback and any support that you may have to give me! ^_^

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